A Brief Comparison on the Four HD Security Camera Formats

Posted by Protection Depot on 3/17/2015 to Surveillance Equipment
Excluding IP cameras there are currently four formats used to deliver HD video for CCTV cameras. Also each format needs a specific HD security recorder. This means that you have to choose a particular format you like then pick an HD security DVR that is compatible with it. The good news is that all of these formats work well whether used for home security cameras or in your place of business. So the question remains: how do you know which HD Camera format is the right one to use?

What Makes a High Definition Security DVR a Better Choice?

Posted by Ron Winkler on 3/11/2015 to Surveillance Equipment
High definition security recorders are quickly becoming the standard for the surveillance industry. Why should someone consider upgrading and are they actually a better choice?

5 Super Discreet Ways for Video Monitoring

Posted by Mike Ward on 11/24/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
These days video monitoring devices come in smaller shapes and sizes check out some covert ways to keep an eye on what is important.

Where Can You Use a Wireless Video Transmitter? Here Are 3 Ways

Posted by Mike Ward on 11/3/2014 to Home Security
Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, having a wireless video transmitter brings a lot of benefits. These devices are becoming more common to have in your residence or business premises, and with the newer digital encrypted models performance is better and more secure.

What Matters in Night Vision Security Cameras

Posted by Mike Ward on 10/24/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
What Matters in Night Vision Security Cameras
The darkness of night makes crime a lot easier. Infrared night vision cameras are a great choice for dark environments but which one do I need?

The What and How of Surveillance Cameras for Home

Posted by Protection Depot on 10/17/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
To keep your home secure, especially when you’re not around, requires only the best security system. But with all the security cameras for home that are available on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. Not only are there plenty of brands, but surveillance cameras also come in various types, each one having a specific set of features. Looking closely....

Which Security DVR is Best For My Application

Posted by Protection Depot on 10/9/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
Which Security DVR is Best For My Application
With all the choices available today it can get confusing on which security video recorder you need. Here we look at some of the differences in the available models and hopefully shed some light on making the right choice.

Why is HD Security Camera Better?

Posted by Protection Depot on 9/30/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
CCTV cameras have become an essential tool in deterring and solving crimes. Without the videos a camera records, finding a good lead would be quite challenging. The problem with standard cameras, however, is that footage tends to be blurry. The lack of color also makes it hard to pinpoint helpful information, such as the color of the clothes worn or the car driven.

Never Miss a Thing with Superior Security Cameras

Posted by Protection Depot on 9/22/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
Installing surveillance cameras can be a great addition to any security system but if not done correctly you are probably just wasting your money. Following these simple steps can greatly increase there effectiveness.

What to Consider When Shopping For Your Security Camera

Posted by Protection Depot on 7/18/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
Installing security cameras is a smart idea and having a basic understanding of the varieties available will help with your choice. Brief information about different types of security cameras and their benefits is provided in this write up for your guidance.

Some Helpful Tips for Securing Your Home

Posted by Mike Ward on 5/5/2014 to Home Security
If you live alone, you know what it's like to question how safe you are. There's always the thought lingering in the back of your mind that someone is waiting to break into your home. That's why you need home security. Keep reading for some home security tips that can protect you.

Hidden Security Cameras – Keep a Close Tab on Company or Home Employees

Posted by brainpulse on 4/4/2014 to Home Security
Hidden security cameras are a sure way to keep a close tab on your employees and people at home, if you have doubts on their activities. The cameras come in different appearances and can take different shapes of products such as wall clock. You can shop for many features when buying these tiny spy cameras.

Security Cameras – Track Suspicious Activities with Advance Surveillances Features

Posted by brainpulse on 4/4/2014 to Home Security
Security cameras are your ideal way to protect your home, business and any commercial property by keeping a close watch on suspicious activities. Due to advance technologies, you have many options of features fitted into these cameras. Analyze your security needs before buying the cameras.

Dome Security Cameras – Perfect Surveillance Equipment with Modern Features

Posted by brainpulse on 4/4/2014 to Home Security
Dome security cameras are reliable surveillance equipments that are vandalizing proof and out of reach of the burglars while keeping a close eye on their activities. These high-resolution cameras come with plethora of modern features for perfect surveillance of a commercial and residential property.

A Wireless Video Transmitter Eliminates Running Cables

Posted by Mike Ward on 3/14/2014 to Surveillance Equipment
There always seem to be places where having a security camera would be great but getting the video cable back to your monitor or video recording device is difficult or prohibited. This is where wireless video transmitters and receivers can make the job easy.

Discussing the Different Types of Dome Security Cameras for Your Business

Posted by brainpulse on 3/1/2014 to Home Security
Dome security cameras are most suited to meet business security needs as they are sleek and convenient. They are 5 main types of such security systems available in the online store at affordable rates. Choose the one that best suits your personal needs and ensure complete safety of your office.

Spy Cameras- 3 Efficient Online Buying Tips

Posted by brainpulse on 3/1/2014 to Home Security
It is important to buy spy cameras from an ideal surveillance system company online. Such reputed companies make use of advanced technology such as high quality resolution, power supply and much more to produce such cameras with utmost safety benefits. The low cost price factor is another highlight that promotes money saving.

Various Kinds of Security Cameras for Home Use

Posted by brainpulse on 3/1/2014 to Home Security
Security cameras for home use are available in a variety of options such as wireless, IP and motion detectors. In order to ensure total protection of your home in a reasonable manner, buy such cameras from reputed online store and receive good deals and offers.

Home Alarm System without the Monthly Monitoring Fee

Posted by Mike Ward on 2/28/2014 to Home Security
Exactly what is the cost you would consider paying to supply extra security to your house? Your security is valuable but why spend more than is necessary.

Things to consider when Buying Mini Spy Cameras

Posted by brainpulse on 2/7/2014 to Home Security
The introduction of mini spy cameras has certainly revolutionized the spying way, by providing people with the easy and convenient option. Today keeping an eye on someone is not at all difficult as people can easily secretly place this minuscule looking camera in any place or area to capture the activity of that place.

Understanding the Features and Benefits of Hidden Security Cameras

Posted by brainpulse on 2/7/2014 to Home Security
The hidden security cameras are widely popular, as they can be placed anywhere. Depending on your security needs, you can choose a simple covert camera or opt for one that comes with built-in recorder.

Different Types of Security Cameras and its Usage

Posted by brainpulse on 2/7/2014 to Home Security
With the rising crime level, the use of different types of security cameras has increased in both domestic and commercial places. There are several types of security cameras available in the market that can be selected according to the place where it has to be installed.

Comprehensive home security services package for leak-proof safeguards

Posted by brainpulse on 1/7/2014 to Home Security
With thefts and burglary becoming a common thing nowadays, it is very important to have security cameras for utmost protection of people as well as properties.

Upgrade your home security to dislodge attempts from high tech burglars

Posted by brainpulse on 1/7/2014 to Home Security
Having a good security system at home is very important to keep your family safe and for this there are a wide range of security cameras available that can be installed easily.

Consider these tips before hiring a home security service

Posted by brainpulse on 1/6/2014 to Home Security
Every homeowner takes adequate measure for proving utmost protection to family members. Moreover, valuable items also need perfect security from burglars. To address the growing safety concerns, plethora of security equipments such as mini spy cameras and infrared security cameras have made entry in homes through the service providers. However, selection of perfect service provider also is as important as hidden security cameras, outdoor security cameras and PTZ Cameras etc equipments are to safeguard a home. Here are some useful tips to follow when hiring one such service.

Simple But Effective Home Security

Posted by Mike Ward on 12/18/2013 to Home Security
The thought of a home invasion or burglary are always frightening and not everyone can afford or even want to install an expensive alarm monitoring system. Well sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective...

Experience Better Security by Installing Mini Spy Camera

Posted by brainpulse on 12/9/2013 to Surveillance Equipment
The old phrase saying “the bigger the better” has been altered in the field of technology as now the modern production of any product mainly focuses on miniaturization. Be it the telephone that has been changed to mobile or the first computer filling up a complete room that got changed to a thump-top. Similarly, in this era of digitization, mini spy cameras have also been introduced, which explains about counting one step ahead in the field of technology.

Security Camera Systems Redefined Protection for your Home and Business

Posted by brainpulse on 12/6/2013 to Home Security
It is the advent of the latest technology that has totally changed the presentation of security and protection aspect, which is now neatly explained by high tech security camera.

What are HD-SDI Cameras

Posted by Mike Ward on 10/28/2013 to Surveillance Equipment
The most recent upgrade in CCTV is the HD-SDI camera, the letters stand for High Definition Serial Digital Interface. The image resolution produced by HD-SDI cameras is up to 5X greater then a standard analog CCTV camera. It is the same quality image as HD TV and the familiar Blu-ray images. When viewing images, one of the main advantages of HD-SDI technology is that there is absolutely no loss of image information and no latency which does exist with IP network cameras. Another advantage of the HD-SDI camera is most use progressive scan technology instead of image interlace used in standard cctv cameras so motion images will have little or no image blur which may be critical in identification as shown below

Beginners Guide to Security DVRs and How to Install Them

Posted by Mike Ward on 5/17/2013 to Surveillance Equipment
A Security Digital Video Recorder (Security DVR) system records high resolution digital images to a hard disk drive (HDD), the same type of hard drive used in PCs. Most security DVRs use a Linux operating system that is stored on internal flash memory and are quite robust and reliable. Since the video images are stored digitally, the image quality will not degrade overtime, as would a VHS tape when recorded over multiple times.