Exactly what is the cost you would consider paying to supply extra security to your house? For those that feel individual security is essential, such as motion picture stars or popular public figures, having an individual bodyguard can cost up to $150 an hour. That will cost around $3,600 for a single day of security; $100,000 a month; and $1,200,000 a year. While the majority of us do not live our lives in the spotlight or require that kind of security, turning to a more standard security measures is still an added expense.

Home alarms provide security for when there is a break-in to your house and the alarm company calls the police to your home when the system hasn't been deactivated by the owner and they generally notify you of the occurrence. Having an alarm consists of an alarm system panel, a detector for motion, window and door sensing units, and a yard sign. Having a house alarm system can be pricey based on the installation needed and they monthly fee.

Depending on the company used your system can have a one-time setup cost in addition to month-to-month service charge. Bear in mind the one time setup cost is for each time the alarm system is set up, so moving into a brand-new home will cost you if you wish to keep the alarm system or have a new system installed. The expense of operating one of these alarms can be anywhere from $35 to $40 every month. That means $10 to $15 a day and around $450 a year. That's a considerable amount when you could be paying much less?

Wireless Home Security Systems are an easy to install alternative without the monthly monitoring fee and can be expanded as needed. They generally provide the same motion and door/window sensors along with a base unit that can be programmed with call up to 5 phone numbers. They also allow you to listen in at the location to help determine if the alarm is an actual break in or simply a false alarm possibly caused by your kids entering without first disarming the alarm.