Installing security cameras is a smart idea and having a basic understanding of the varieties available will help with your choice. Brief information about different types of security cameras and their benefits is provided in this write up for your guidance. 

Types of security cameras

When looking at information on security cameras whether it is for indoors, outdoors, home or business will will find many different types mentioned. Some of them are known as:
Dome cameras, Infrared security cameras, Hidden cameras, Pan tilt zoom cameras, Pro box cameras, Wired cameras, Wireless cameras

Knowing about the benefits of all of these security cameras can help you in choosing the best one for you. 

Benefits of dome cameras

Dome cameras are available in a wide variety including outdoor domes, infrared domes, indoor domes, pan tilt zoom dome and vandal proof domes. Main benefit of these security cameras is that their smoked dome does not allow other persons to know where the camera is pointing. They are generally unobtrusive in appearance and great for mounting to ceilings but can also be mounted to walls. They can be used as outdoor security cameras as well as indoor or home security cameras with equal effectiveness. 

Benefits of infrared security cameras

Infrared or IR security cameras are very popular and used for both indoor and outdoor security of homes as well as businesses. As home security cameras they produce high resolution pictures even in low or no light conditions. They can see you clearly in low or no light through the infrared illuminators which automatically switch over from color mode to black and white. No additional casing is required for their survival in any weather condition.

Benefits of hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are normally used for high level surveillance of any premises. Hidden cameras are used in the form of a motion detector, smoke detector, sprinkler, clock or any other similar disguise if you do not want anyone to know about them. Cameras of this type are normally used for indoor security like in the pathways of some public place or establishment. Most of the hidden cameras are neither waterproof nor they can be effective in low or no light condition like infrared cameras. 

Benefits of pan tilt zoom cameras

For controlling pan tilt zoom cameras a DVR or separate PTZ controller is used. They have the capability of zooming as well as moving in all directions. It can capture the pictures clearly by zooming on the subject to be monitored. They can also be used as outdoor security cameras and by programming them to focus on different areas of interest in what are called tours or patterns they can keep an eye on things when you can't. They are higher priced and normally used in large establishments like supermarkets, airport, banks etc.

Benefits of Pro-box security cameras

Pro-box cameras are normally used in supermarkets, banks and other similar places as they are capable of capturing high quality videos which can be used as evidence in case of any detection. According to the angle and zoom of the view their lenses can be changed. They can work during day and night with equal efficiency but during day they capture colored images whereas black and white at night. They can also be used as business and home security cameras if you want to make quality videos in low light and do not like infrared cameras for this purpose. 

Benefits of wired security cameras

Normally wired cameras are used as outdoor as well as indoor or home security cameras as they produce high quality images and videos as compared to wireless cameras. These cameras will require power but do not need a power source at the camera location. Power is required only at the location of DVR where a Siamese coaxial cable will send power to the camera and bring back the video to the video recorder . CAT5 and 6 cable can also be used for longer video runs of over 500 feet but will require the use of video baluns.

Benefits of wireless security cameras

The only benefit of wireless security cameras is that they require no video wire connectivity but still they have to be powered at the point of their installation. Moreover a clear line of sight is required for the wireless cameras as obstacles in their line of view can cause less wireless range and possible signal interference.

So after going through these reviews you can easily choose outdoor security cameras as well as indoor or home security cameras that will best fit your situation.