Security of your home and commercial place has become essential to provide maximum protection to the member of a family and to the commercial property. Fortunately, surveillance technology has advanced to the point that burglars today find it difficult to enter a residential or commercial entity. This is primarily due to security cameras loaded with plethora of features to keep a close eye on the suspicious activities and record them for viewing. Today security cameras are available in varied ranges of features. These cameras can fulfill each of your security requirements, if you have chosen the accurate technology to protect your place. You have wide range of options including infrared security cameras, wireless security cameras, spy cameras, zoom cameras and many more. Infrared cameras are ideal choice to protect your home. One of the most attractive and useful feature of such equipments is that they can provide you full color picture in the daytime. However, in darkness, or night, they use infrared LEDs and switch to black and white for providing a clear image. Therefore, these choices give you options to buy perfect camera as per your surveillance requirement. When buying security cameras, your options are plenty. You can shop from a wide array of the cameras in keeping with your short-term or long-term security requirements. Such a choice of cameras include bullet cameras, infrared outdoor cameras, wireless security cameras, CCTV box cameras, dome cameras, hidden cameras, DVR cameras, PTZ cameras, IP security cameras, HD-SDI high definition cameras, fake security cameras, pan tilt devices and many more. Most of the above mentioned security cameras are loaded with modern technologies. For instance, infrared security camera has CCD sensor having 480 lines of verified resolution. It has more than 23 LEDs for providing a clear image. The camera has surge protector and advance lighting. When light levels have dimmed, the camera automatically switches to black and white mode. Other features of the camera include auto gain control, electronic shutter and auto tracing white balance. Keep your specific security requirements in mind when buying security cameras. You should know about the surveillance area you need to cover and the lens selection be made accordingly. For example, if your security area stretches up to 30 feet, a smaller lens of 3.6 mm to 4.3 mm is enough. If you wish to track activities ranging up to 50 feet then choose the cameras fitted with 6 mm to 8mm lens. So, shop for security cameras only after analyzing your home or commercial security requirements. The market offers plenty of features of the cameras to cover your minute security needs.