When safeguarding of your home and family from unforeseen dangers of intrusion, which sometimes results in loss of life besides the property, then half security measures are not going to work. A camera here and there does not matter to the thieves who are already equipped with sophisticated technologies. For complete security of home, especially if it is large, a comprehensive home security package along with equipment like HD Digital Video Recorders, outdoor dome cameras becomes a necessity in today’s crime prone world. Simple equipment of bygone era is no longer effective to detect any movements around your home Old Security cameras will raise an alarm only when they see something suspicious very clearly. However, the burglars can easily dodge such cameras. This is the reasons that intrusion attempts are successful despite such equipment of old technology. A comprehensive package of home security gives maximum security due to wide ranging services covered. These services depend a lot on the area of security and size of home in need of protection. Moreover, the type of installation of equipment such as dome security DVR, cameras, dvr surveillance camera, also is a factor in deciding over the service packages. In addition, number of services availed is a factor in determining a package. The service provider arrives at a suitable package depending on whether or not people live in that home or not. The services packages include many aspects of home safety. For instances, you may opt for electronic security through tiny hidden cameras and cheap hidden cameras only if your safeguarding requirements are simple. However, it would be wise to opt for intrusion detection by technologies like infrared security cameras, outdoor security cameras, PTZ Cameras, if you live in crime-prone area. Moreover, the security packages cover your other concerns also. For instance, you have the fire detection equipment installed in your home to keep the properties safe and secure. Similarly, if there are elderly people in home who need extra care, then have special security system of wireless security cameras installed for them. The security packages also let you have access to the security control if you need it all the time. However, for starters to the home security system, it is advisable to have varied points of security at home are covered. Hence, installation of indoor infrared cameras, mini spy cameras, spy cameras and hidden security cameras must be part of package. So, choose a package carefully for utmost protection to your home people and valuables.