To keep your home secure, especially when you’re not around, requires only the best security system. But with all the security cameras for home that are available on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. Not only are there plenty of brands, but surveillance cameras also come in various types, each one having a specific set of features. Looking closely would also tell you that one camera does not apply to all parts of your home.

This is why it’s best that you acquaint yourself with the different surveillance cameras for home use.

Day/Night Camera
day/night cctv camera
Varying light conditions won’t be a problem with this day/night camera. It captures images in low light or even in direct sunlight, because of its dynamic range to function even with intense glare and reflections. This camera is best used outdoors, often positioned across a parking lot for a good view of the area.

• Infrared (IR) Camera
ir surveillance camera for home
Also known as night vision, this camera has LEDs around its lens that emits Infrared light that reflects off people and object providing a very clear black and white image even in total darkness. When the IR is not needed, the camera functions on low light. Similar to the day/night camera, the IR camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, but there should not be to many in one room. Too many IR cameras can overpower the sensors, resulting in washed-out images.

 Dome Camera
home security dome camera
A dome camera is aptly named because of its design. The dome-shaped housing helps keep the camera unobtrusive, allowing it to record without being easily noticed. This is one of the security cameras for home that works two ways—as a deterrent and for surveillance purposes. Bad guys who notice the camera will think twice before breaking in.

 Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera
outdoor pan tilt zoom camera
From the name itself, you can easily surmise that this device is flexible and reliable. A surveillance operator can move it left, right, up, down, zoom in and zoom out. This is only applicable, however, with a manned guard or surveillance specialist. Combined with other surveillance cameras for home, your property will be well-guarded.

• Hidden Camera
hidden cameras for home security

Placed strategically, this nifty equipment can capture images discreetly and covertly. It comes in a wide range of disguise, including a clock, smoke detector or stuffed animal. For this device to be effective, be sure to choose wisely where you install it. A cute teddy bear placed in the kitchen would look suspicious.

Because the best home security camera for one property might not work for you, it’s best to have surveillance specialists assess your house to determine your blind sides. Afterwards, choose the right equipment to use, with consideration to the following factors:

Property needs and requirements
Following an assessment by a security specialist, it will be easy to pinpoint which of the surveillance cameras for home you must have installed. Some of your options include a bullet camera on the front porch, a PTZ camera for a large open area, IR camera at the back entrance, and multiple cameras for a long driveway.

Personal and family needs
What would make you feel the safest? The choice depends on the level of home security you want to achieve. With a farm and livestock to look after, for example, you’ll need the right surveillance system for farm animals as well. Since the needs of each house are different, you must choose the best home security camera that will suit your specific requirements.

To see the different types of cameras mentioned here visit our security camera page and choose the type of camera you are looking for. For more information on cameras be sure to see our Tips for Choosing the Right Security Camera. Whichever surveillance system you want installed, if you are not comforable doing the work yourself there are generally electricans or security installers in your area that can do the job for you.