When it comes to providing maximum security to a commercial place or any important dwelling place, ordinary cameras are not going to serve the purpose. The burglars too have equipped themselves with the technique of escaping from the surveillance measures. Therefore, selection of security technology must be carefully made for maximum protection. Dome security cameras are widely considered as one of the safest equipment to keep the burglars away from the place. One of the reasons for most of the places installing dome security cameras is their safety. While other types of cameras are within reach of the spectators and thieves, the cameras closely fitted to the dome are out of the reach of people, who have malicious intentions. This means that burglars have no chance of mishandling the equipment and interfering with its functioning, as it is too away from them. Dome security cameras cover a wide-ranging view to detect any unwanted activity. Without drawing attention to the camera itself, the camera records all activities happening in its surveillance range. Most of these cameras are weatherproof and there is no impact on them of any vandalizing activities. Due to infrared illumination, these cameras are usually a preferred choice for residential, business and commercial applications. The market is full of dome security cameras for different purposes. All of your security needs can be properly covered by installation of these security equipment. As you shop for different dome cameras, you will come across with B/W dome camera, infrared dome camera with EZ mount base, color indoor camera, vandal proof infrared dome camera, color vandal proof varifocal IR dome camera, super mini dome camera, high resolution varifocal infrared dome camera and many more. All such cameras fulfill specific security needs of a place. When looking for the features of dome security cameras, you should find out more about their usefulness. Most of these cameras are fitted with image sensor and high resolution. You can also shop for the features such as light sensitivity rating, signal/noise ratio, AGC, AWB, shutter speed, video processing, video output, power supply, current usage, storage conditions, size and weight of the cameras. Many such dome security cameras come with varifocal lenses with vivid color reproduction. To guarantee high quality recording, the cameras come with 580 lines of resolution. Most of these cameras are robust and solid having aluminum cast structure and comes with weatherproof housing. With such excellent and reliable modern features, the cameras are surely a way to provide maximum protection to your commercial and residential place.