You shouldn't put a price where security is concerned. Nothing could be more expensive when it comes to protecting your home or business. So, if you have been advised before to switch from analog to HD security DVR, you should. Although a camera with HD-SDI format recording is slightly more expensive, there is a perfectly good explanation why it is priced as such.

A high definition security DVR provides users the highest resolution in recording and viewing footage. No more grainy clips or images to contend with. Such HD security recorder is available in different formats: HD-SDI, AHD, HDCVI or HD-TVI. It also records in 4, 8 or 16 channels.

Every format is available with different resolutions, 720p for HDCVI and AHD, and both 720p and 1080p for HD-SDI and HD-TVI. These guarantee excellent picture quality recording on the high definition security DVRs. With security cameras becoming a tool in solving crimes or putting a stop to malicious activities before they escalate, quality images are highly recommended, which you can only get from a HD security recorder.

All HD recorders use H.264 video compression that contributes to faster remote viewing, without occupying a significant amount of storage space. H.264 offers 50% better compression as opposed to MPEG-4 at 80% compression. When less data is used, less bandwidth is also required for viewing the camera from a remote device. So, even if you spent more on buying the HD security DVR, you get to save on viewing time and storage capacity.

The HD-SDI camera, in particular, does not lose video footage quality as it transmits through the BNC cable. This can be attributed to the use of non-return zero inverted video signal encoding that reverts the transmission to its original data form once it reaches its end point. Moreover, it does not have any brand compatibility issues, network bandwidth and latency concerns. It does not require pre-configuration either, which is typical for other cameras. Most importantly, using it would be no different than an analog camera, except for the quality output.

What is even better is that a remote control, mouse control, PTZ control, independent channel configuration, remote viewing, and smart phone access come standard with High definition security DVR.

Based on the information above, it is clear that you get more value for your money if you install HD security recorders for your home or business premises. If you are ready to go shopping, make sure to look for the following products:

HD-TVI Security DVR - Hybrid

What is great about a hybrid is that it allows you to use the existing setup of your analog camera, but lets you enjoy the same quality features and high definition recording capabilities that HD-TVI cameras offer.

HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders

This is what you should choose if you want a camera that provides up to 2 megapixel resolution. This DVR will do just that when used with HD-SDI cameras. It is available in 4, 8 or 16 channels.

AHD Security Recorders

This is the newest format to hit the market and like the others will provide a significant upgrade to standard video devices. At the present time it is available in 720p resolution with 1080p to be released later in 2015. Available in 4, 8 and 16 channel with the ability to also use view and record a large number of Onvif compliant IP cameras along the AHD high definition cameras and standard analog camera.

HD Video Recorder - HDCVI Series

This high definition security DVR records in full 720p resolution. It is available in 3 different channels: 4, 8 or 16.

If you want guaranteed protection for your home or business, make that switch from analog to HD. Go for a hybrid HD security DVR if you want to keep the installation costs down, but do not overlook the other features that other HD cameras have to offer.