The thought of a home invasion or burglary are always frightening and not everyone can afford or even want to install an expensive alarm monitoring system. Well sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective and one such device is our Streetwise door alarm. This simple inexpensive security item just hangs on the inside handle of any door and if someone on the outside touches the door handle a 110 dB alarm will sound scaring away the intruder before they even enter. This convenient device works on all types of doors and handles thanks to the dual touch and vibration sensors. Another very simple but effective device is the Volumetric Alarm that senses changes in air pressure when a door or window is opened and sounds an alarm. This device has 3 sensitivity settings and can protect a room up to 1000 square feet. Another benefit of these devices is they are portable so you can take them with you when you travel or stay at a vacation home. Unfortunately crime does exist and just taking some simple precautions to protect yourself or loved ones could prevent you from becoming another victim. We carry many other convenient, effective an affordable security items for home, business and travel, just have a look under our home security category for other products.