Lipstick Stun Gun - 3,000,000 Volts Rechargeable

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Ordinary looking lipstick tube or perfume spray but conceals a powerful stun gun and convenient LED light. Available in black, pink, red or gold.
Part Number: SM-LIPSTICK

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The Stun Master lipstick stun gun is a great item for women looking for a small but effective stun device. Packing 3,000,000 volts and resembling an ordinary tube of lipstick or perfume sprayer this new model is small enough, 5" long and 1" across, to fit easily in a handbag or carried in a pocket. Because it is rechargeable, you never have to buy batteries for it. Under the cap are two buttons, one for the stun gun activation and one for the convenient LED flashlight to shed some light when needed. Available in Black, Pink, Red and Gold.

Purchase includes:

  • Stun gun and flashlight - choice of color
  • Wall Charger Cable
  • Instructions
  • 1 year warranty
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