A home gives us feeling of warmth, love, care and affection. Nevertheless, any attempts of intruders turn those feelings of love into fear and insecurity. To tackle the burglars, once, security alarms were the sole system available to the general people. Now, the technology of security camera and whole range of home security system has advanced much ahead of the old days of simple home alarms. Unfortunately, the burglars too have access to the sophisticated methods of breaking into a home and dodging ordinary security system. This should prompt you to upgrade your security for home. Many homeowners still so innocently believe that existing simple alarm systems are enough to deal with burglary attempts. Such homeowners, however, also are the ones who are unaware of the new security technologies and equipment such as security DVR and HD digital video recorders. This equipment incorporates smart security technologies to fend away the intruders and let you know about their attempts much earlier. Modern security system detects undesirable movements of robbers instantly. For instance, outdoor dome cameras or dome security cameras will record any slightest movement outside of your home’s main entry and you are made aware of it immediately. These cameras come with features like external zoom and adjustment to track the movements from any angel as they are mounted on ceiling. Similarly, dvr surveillance camera, tiny hidden cameras, cheap hidden cameras and hidden security cameras track even tiny movements of intruders without being noticed by them. As against a very visible security alarm, the hidden cameras such as mini spy cameras cannot be located by the intruders. In fact, the market of security equipment is full of technologies that fit to your requirements. A wide range of outdoor security cameras are available to choose from for the larger homes. Similarly, infrared security cameras are capable of recording any malicious attempts from burglars in night when you are sleeping. You will be alarmed by these cameras just when they notice some suspicious activity. Similarly, you should upgrade security system comprising of PTZ Cameras Spy Cameras and wireless security cameras for maximum protection to your family people and the costly properties inside. However, hiring a reliable home security providing company is equally important as this will help you to keep your family safe from any miss-happenings. Such companies know about the vital points in and outside of home for fitting wireless security cameras.