Nowadays business houses all over the world have become conscious about security. Keeping a watchful eye on the employees and customers is vital. More importantly, the rate of crime is increasing at an unstoppable pace. This is where the importance of installing a good surveillance system comes into focus. There are a number of security systems available in the traditional and online market. For those looking for usability and flexibility, it is recommended to buy dome security cameras. In this article, let us discuss about the 5 main types of cameras that are purchasable at reasonable price. Color Indoor Dome Camera Ideally suited for indoor office use, this camera is flexible enough to move up to 2 planes. This means that the camera can be mounted onto the ceiling, wall or even angled surfaces of your office. With a resolution of 420 TV Line, it is possible to record the happenings of office in a better and systematic manner. D570 Mini Dome Camera The dome is surrounded by vandal proof housing which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This safety product features a 3 Axis Gimbal Ball which aids in rotating the camera to cover each and every angle. The durability and strength of the dome is recognized through its polycarbonate dome cover and die-cast aluminum structure. Additionally, a buyer is entitled to receive 2 year warranty. Day/Night Vertical IR Dome Camera Riding high as one of the most popular dome security cameras, it offers a variety of technical benefits such as: 33 infrared LED- It functions to provide light during the night exceeding 60 feet in complete darkness. Sony Super HAD 550 Line CCD sensors- It is aimed at offering varied lighting adjustments for both day and night. IP66 weatherproof rated housing- It aids to protect the dome in all weather conditions. Vandal Poof Infrared Varifocal Color Dome Camera It has emerged as an excellent choice for offices mainly due to the inclusion of varifocal lens and tamper resistant feature. The camera is an expert in recording best quality images with supreme IR vision that allows the camera to move over 75 feet. Infrared Dome Camera with EZ Mount Base Characterized by an On-Screen-Display, this camera allows multiple image adjustments. Often referred to as one of the ideal day/night dome security cameras, it comes with a 3.6mm wide angle lens responsible for providing night vision range exceeding 60 feet.