As the name suggests, cameras employed by an organization or by an individual for surveillance and security reasons are called security cameras. You must have come across a camera or a complete camera system that can register your presence to the owners of the premises. It helps you to keep track of the happening in the desired area and avoid unwanted incidents like burglary, theft, and all kinds of possible threats that may have great implications in the long run. The long and short of it is that these cameras provide you and your loved ones the best possible security. No demur, that these cameras have become indispensable for your security requirements. Types of security cameras The market place, both online and offline, is flooded with the Security camera versions of all types. Your needs and requirements guide your choice when you are buying a CCTV camera. You have to consider that how many cameras you actually need and the right places where you need to install them. It is to your discretion about what type of the camera you would prefer to buy. Here are some prominent types of security cameras that may help you in your decision-making. Wired or wireless - You have to decide whether you want to install a wired camera or the wireless one. A cable, to the main DVR unit where the footage is recorded for further viewing, connects the former. The best part of it is that you remain assured of a high quality video and audio output. The wired cameras are durable and stable in nature, whereas the wireless cameras are not as durable as their wired counterparts are. Moreover, wireless cameras are not energy efficient, as these needs charging at regular intervals of time, at the site of their installation. Infrared cameras - The infrared cameras provide night vision, as you can trust them to deliver clear picture quality at night, when the visibility is almost negligible. In addition to this, you can install them outdoor as well as indoor. Moreover, through required reinforcements, this camera can be made to withstand severe weather conditions to provide continue high quality footages twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Hidden cameras - While visiting your friend or relatives at his home or office you may not even have the slightest idea that you are under electronic surveillance, until and unless he provides you a hint. This is the magic of hidden cameras, you have them but you cannot spot them as they are used in various disguises like clocks, wall paintings, exit and enter signs etc. However, they have their limitations like they cannot capture the footage in low visibility conditions and are highly sensitive to moisture and high temperature. Pro Box camera - If you happen to visit a bank, government office or a shopping arcade then you must have realized the presence of Pro box camera. They provide you with excellent picture quality in high visibility conditions and can even adapt to the changing visibility conditions.