Sometimes we need to keep a tab on our servants, caregivers, nanny to know how they are treating our children. At a larger scale, companies need to know about activities of their employees so that there is no big loss of time and working hours. Housekeepers, roommates and many other types of people have to be covered by camera surveillance for our own interest. Hidden security cameras provide the information to the homeowners and company owners about the activities taking place in their presence or absence. Since hidden security cameras are meant to be secretly installed, their size is usually very small and usually comes without wires. However, there are many such cameras that are simple wired but their wires are not easily noticeable. For sophisticated surveillance of your place, you can opt for fully integrated covert cameras having built-in recorders. One of the key features of hidden security cameras is that these come in the guise of the products of daily use. For instance, a wall cloak in a room, digital clock, MP 3 player, pen, smile buttons, spotlights, picture frame and many more shape and sizes of products may be actually a hidden camera. In fact, servants and other such employees of a home and commercial entity can never know about these cameras, which make the equipment highly useful for surveillance purpose. The tiny hidden cameras have feature of recording any event so that you can view it later. So, you can know about the activities going on in your house in your absence when you come back in the evening. If you require covert wireless hidden security cameras, then wireless clock radio camera is reliable source of gathering the information, without any suspicion. Operating as FM radio alarm clock and hidden camera, this spying equipment has large LED display that makes the viewing easier. In case of a power failure, the unit provides power back up as well. You can also shop for functional smoke detector having microphone concealed inside. This hidden camera with audio can be mounted at an angel to provide a wide-ranging view of the room. Similarly, Bush Baby Wall clock is a perfect disguise for high-resolution camera and recorder. One of the most attractive features of this camera is that it can record 1280 x 960-resolution video with a high speed of 30 frames per second. It comes fitted with image sensor and battery life of 10 hours. In fact, hidden security cameras are available in varied features that cater to different requirement of surveillance at home or at commercial place.