New 5,000,000 Streetwise Stun Gun

Looking for a Stun Gun with real stopping power? Then the new 5,000,000 Streetwise Blackout Stun Gun is just the thing.
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Using Stun Guns For Personal Protection And Personal Safety

There are many things to consider for personal safety and protection. One inexpensive option may be a stun gun. There are several reasons to consider them.
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Pepper Spray For Self Defense

Pepper spray has been in use for many years as a non-lethal weapon for use in self-defense. It comes in canisters small enough to be easily carried in a pocket or a purse and can even be made as part of a key-chain or a piece of jewelry. For self-defense, its function is to disable an attacker long enough to allow the victim to escape. It works well for this.
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