Which Security DVR is Best For My Application
A security and surveillance system is incomplete without a digital video recorder (DVR). After all, it records the video from security cameras, and then stores it in an internal hard drive, so it will be viewed later. When an HD video recorder is used, crisp and clear footage is produced.

Security DVR comes in a variety of sizes and features. Some of your options include:

Economy Series
From the name itself, it’s obvious that such devices are very much affordable. The security digital video recorder in the economy series offers 4 and 8 channels, and comes with all the standard features.

•    Motion detection recording
•    Full searchable playback
•    Remote control
•    Remote viewing in most models

This type of DVR is your typical no-nonsense equipment that works just as hard, minus the unnecessary features. Make sure to choose a DVR that record in real time, robust and reliable, and is easily installed. For proper and error-free installation, however, let the experts handle the task.

Value Series
Want a product that’s a notch higher than the security DVR in the economy series? Choose from among the units in the value series that feature a range from 4 to 16 channels of video recording. They also have other capabilities, including:

•    Up to 4 channels of audio recording
•    H.264 video compression
•    PTZ control
•    Alarm inputs
•    Independent channel configuration
•    Remote Viewing

In addition, DVRs in the value series come with remote and mouse control, and allows for remote viewing. The 8 Channel D1 Real Time Digital Video Recorder, for example, has multiplex operation and powerful network functions that make it an ideal security DVR. It also allows remote monitoring or playback through the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones. Email alerts are also available. If you’re someone who prefers to stay updated on what’s going on in and outside your home, this is one DVR you must have.

Commercial Series
Business premises, more than anything, requires a robust, reliable and fail-proof security system. Well, with a security digital video recorder specifically designed for commercial use, this is exactly what you’ll get. Most commercial DRV recorders have higher capabilities than those used at home. These include:

•    Advanced H.264 hardware compression
•    HDMI, VGA and BNC Main outputs
•    RAID Storage
•    FTP record or backup
•    Email alerts
•    Remote Viewing

Some models even come with an auto-recovery feature for when power failures occur, and several backup options. One of the highly recommended commercial DVRs is the 8 Channel 960H WD1 DVR. It records with real-time quality that watching the playback looks and feels like you’re watching the actual event unfold. It also features a real time live display.

If you want some further information regarding security DVRs and which one to choose please see our Beginners Guide to Security DVRs.

HD Security DVR
These security video recorders produce the highest video quality such as 720p and 1080p but require the use of HD security cameras. Some models allow you to use your existing standard cctv cameras as well as the higher resolution cameras. Keep in mind however that your standard cameras will still be recorded in their native resolution.

There are a number of HD recording formats such as HD-CVI, HD-SDI and HD-TVI all of which produce far greater resolution images than standard cctv cameras. We will not go into depth of each format but you can find more information on our HD camera page and our HD video recorder page.

If you are looking to install cameras for the first time or considering upgrading your system then you definitely want to consider the high definition security products.

Portable DVRs
Most portable digital video recorders may be small, but their features are anything but. In fact, they are versatile enough to be used in many ways. Not only can they record, but also copy and transfer videos. Such nifty devices can be as small as a car key or as big as a cassette recorder. Some have greater portability and full size security DVR. Most of them run on batteries, but others can be plugged in to a power supply.

The Car Key DVR looks like any car keys, but has a camera, audio and built-in DVR. It has an integrated remote system for easy recording. Although small in size, its video resolution can rival an HD video recorder at 720 x 480. Not too shabby, right?

With these DVR options, staying secure and protecting your assets is now easier than ever. Make sure to get one right away.