Spray Patterns

Ballistic Stream

Full Cone Mist Spray

This spray pattern is ideal for use outdoors because it helps to prevent blow-back exposure.
The wind problem seems to be peoples biggest concern when carrying a defense spray. The ballistic stream helps to solve that problem. It fires a tight strong stream which can be very accurate for any situation and is ideal for shooting through partially opened car windows. This stream can also be fanned if necessary for greater coverage. Fanning is done by moving your arm side to side while discharging the pepper spray.

This spray pattern is ideal for indoor use and for security officers who face multiple attackers. The cone spray pattern covers a wider area and the potential for inhalation of the spray increases the products effectiveness.

Heavy Fog

Distributes large amounts of spray into a vast area, helpful to put a barrier between victim and attacker while indoors or outside. Also practical for riot conditions, crowd control, raids, and correctional use.