SABRE brand pepper spray is a unique formulation consisting of CS Military Tear Gas, 1.33% Capsaicin*, and an ultra violet dye for suspect identification. It is this unique formulation in the right proportions that creates the most effective defense spray on the market today. See Chart for Comparison Effects.
CS TEAR GAS is the #1 riot control agent of the US Armed Forces. They replaced their CN stock with CS in the late fifties due to many of the following factors:

1. CS takes effect quicker.
2. CS is more potent, but less toxic.
3. CS is extremely effective even in low concentrations.
4. CN has many long-term effects.
5. No reports of death have ever been attributed to the use of CS.

Guaranteed heat levels - only Security Equipment Corporation has an in house HPLC laboratory. Their HPLC lab measures every formulation to ensure heat specifications are met in every canister. No other manufacturer provides on-site HPLC technology to guarantee the strength of their sprays.

SABRE also contains oleoresin capsicum (OC) and an ultra-violet dye for suspect identification. OC is a naturally occurring substance derived from certain peppers of the hottest variety. The OC used in SABRE contains 1.33% Capsaicin* as the active ingredient. This in turn produces a defense spray measuring 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, as quality controlled by a High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) test.
*Capsaicin, not to be confused with OC is the oil extracted from the placenta tissues just below the stem of the pepper. It is the Capsaicin which determines the pungency of red peppers. The pungency of red peppers are measured in Scoville Heat Units and not in OC percentages. OC percentages only measure the amount of red pepper, not the effectiveness of the product.

The following comparison chart discusses characteristics of our active ingredients.

Pepper sprays offer the most affordable and effective form of non-lethal protection available. Unfortunately not all pepper sprays are created equal. There are many low end manufacturers of pepper spray who sacrifice quality for profit.

CS-Tear Gas

pepper spray

Sabre brand with
Tear Gas

Takes effect immediately


Effective in low concentrations YES NO YES
No permanent injuries YES


Causes temporary blindness & tearing YES YES YES
Causes difficulty in breathing YES YES YES
Swells mucous membranes NO YES YES
Tightness of chest YES NO YES
Irritates and burns facial skin YES YES YES
Effective on animals NO YES YES

As you can see the CS+OC combination is the only defense spray formulation which meets all of the above criteria!
*The burning sensation produced by OC sprays is not as intense as the sensation produced by CS tear gas.
When mixed together, CS enhances the effects of OC. Both CS and OC are tremendous active ingredients, superior to CN tear gas, and their combination comprises the strongest defense spray available.
As a result of SABRE'S unique formulation, it takes effect quicker, produces a more intense effect, and its effects out-last those of all other defense sprays!

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