Wireless Camera and Receiver
Wireless Camera and Receiver

Wireless Camera and Receiver

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Color Wireless mini Security Camera with Audio and matching receiver. 300' line of sight transmission. Great for surveillance applications where running wires would be difficult or noticeable.
Part Number: PD-208
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The ideal solution for those who are looking for a wireless camera that would run on minimum power usage. This camera is small in size-measuring 1-1/4” wide and powered by a single 9 volt battery. With a cable for attaching to a TV the camera is a great temptation for the R.C Enthusiast in Airplanes, cars and helicopters.
Operation: The operation is ever so simple anyone can do it can do it. You just need to snap on a 9V battery to the camera and connect the receiver to the VCR or TV.

• CMOS Color Sensor - new generation Omniview
• 300 Feet Line Of Sight Range - Range through obstructions will be less, expect 100 to 150 depending on type.
Concrete and metal will adversely affect range the most.
• 60 Degrees Field of View
• 380 Lines Horizontal Resolution
• LUX = (2.0)
• Transmitter Power Required: 8 Volts DC to 10 Volts DC
• Receiver Power Required: 9 Volts DC
• Frequency 2.4GHz

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