Sixteen Channel MPEG-4 Digital Video Recorder

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16 Channel Digital Video Recorder
With MPEG4 compression, both CDRW and USB 2.0 backup, smart cell motion detection, remote control and remote viewing using Internet Explorer. Can be purchased with or without Hard Drive
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  1. MPEG-4 Hardware Compression
  2. 16 Video Inputs, 1 Audio Input
  3. Triplex Operation
  4. Up to D1 Resolution (720 x 480)
  5. USB Drive Support
  6. CDRW Backup
  7. VGA Support Included
  8. Up to 2 Internal Hard Drives
  9. Embedded Network Web Server
  10. Digital Motion Detection
  11. Multiple Build-in Dome Camera Control Protocol
  12. Automatic Camera Detection
  13. Digital Zoom 2 x 2

MPEG4 Compression enables longer recording
The 2CG916 applied a high compression rate using the advanced MPEG-4 algorithm for an effective video management system. With high quality and small size recording image, 2CG916 provides longer recording duration and faster data transmission. In addition, 2CG916 can help the users to reduce the cost for storage media.
Motion detection smart cell
Improves motion detection function to more convenient way by adding "Smart-Cell" indication. When motion occurs within any scope of camera filming, several smart-cells show up to locate exactly the position of motion. User can easily confirm the motion point from wide camera filming area, even very small motion can be detected.
Compact design with up to 2 internal HDDs support
The 2CG916 digital video recorder has a small and compact outward appearance with metallic design and user-friendly button configuration that fits any limited space. With 2 internal HDDs support, it provides powerful data storage system that maximizes recording utility for DVR management and maintenance.
UTP solution to save your cost of wiring
2CG916 offers an optional installation way by introducing unshielded twisted pair wiring. UTP wiring is a most common communication medium for the moment, it provides several advantages such as lower cost, flexibility and easier installation for installers.


Video Input BNC x 16, 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohm
Video Standard NTSC/PAL Switch Selectable
Video Operation Triplex (Recording, Playback and Network Access)
Outputs Main Monitor BNC x 1, 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohm
VGA (optional) 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 pixels
Picture Refresh Rate NTSC: 120 PPS(4CH)   
PAL: 100 PPS(4CH)
Digital Zoom 2 X 2
Camera Installation Plug & Play
Audio Input RCA x 2, Line-In
Output RCA x 2, Line-Out
Recording Compression Method MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile
Recording Mode Schedule, Alarm, Motion Detection
Pre-Alarm Yes
Recording Resolution & Rate NTSC: 30 [email protected] x 480 pixels
NTSC: 60 [email protected] x 240 pixels
NTSC: 120 [email protected] x240 pixels
Recording Mode Best Quality, Standard, ezRecord, Extended Record, DSL
Image Size 8K to 20K Byte/picture
Storage Mode Linear/Circular
Playback Playback Play, Stop, Pause, Rewind, Forward, Search
Playback Speed Adjustment Up to 32x
Retrieve Date/Time, Event
Storage Built-in HDD Up to 2 built-in HDDs
Export X1 USB2.0 ports, support ThumbDrive, CD-RW
Export USB USB 2.0 CD/RW ( optional )
USB ThumbDrive Supported
Alarm Alarm Input X4, D-Sub 15 pin X8, D-Sub 25 pin X16, D-Sub 25 pin
Alarm Relay Output X1, D-Sub 15 pin X1, D-Sub 25 pin X1, D-Sub 25 pin
Alarm Detection N.C./N.O., Programmable
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