Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Zoomable Focus
Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Zoomable Focus

Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Zoomable Focus

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Extremely bright LED flashlight featuring the CREE XM-L T6 LED, 5 beam modes, zoom lens for wide or focused light and 1000 lumen output.
Part Number: FLT-01

Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight — Best Value for Your Money

A flashlight can be likened to a chef’s knife or a hammer. It is something so essential; no person should be without it. But when was the last time you really thought about carrying one or even buying one? With electricity (renewable or otherwise) widely available, who needs a portable light?

But don’t wait for a blackout to get one. You should have a flashlight within reach. Use it to find a missing gadget under the bed, in the attic or other areas of the house with limited access to light. Use it to find your way in and out of a campsite or woods. You can even use it to ward off attacks or possible break-ins.

When you go shopping, however, don’t settle for anything less than a rechargeable LED flashlight, they are among the best and most versatile available. Your best option is the Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight. Why?

Compact and Light
Weighing just 4 ounces and measuring 5.2 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches, it can easily fit in your bag or back pocket. Nothing is more portable and handy than this device. Since it only needs 1 Lithium ion battery to function, you won’t even feel the weight difference.

Built to Last
One of the many factors that must be considered when shopping for a LED rechargeable flashlight is the material. Well, Frazer-LT is made from aerospace-grade aluminum that accounts for its being lightweight and durable. It has an anodized exterior with a type 3 anti-scratch coating. More importantly, it is engineered to be wear and tear-resistant and water resistant as shown through its IP65 rating. The Frazer-LT will be your companion for a very long time.

  Have Impressive Features
Made using the latest LED technology, this particular model takes the price for being one of the brightest LED flashlights on the market, boasting a maximum brightness of 1000 Lumen. Where illumination is concerned, this is the one to beat. It comes with 5 beam modes, giving you a choice to switch 5 levels of brightness — High, Middle, Low, SOS or Strobe operation. To operate, simply use the button beam control on the tail area. Its run time also varies on each mode:

    * 1.25~1.5 hours on High (880~1000 lm)
    * 3.5~4 hours on middle (300 lm)
    * 16~18 hours on low (50 lm)

You can also change between wide angle and focused light view with just a push of the zoom function.

Designed for a Variety of Uses
Apart from lighting your way in the dark, this  LED rechargeable Flashlight is designed for hunting, camping and securing your home. Although it is not categorized as a tactical flashlight, members of law enforcement agencies and the military also find amazing use for it. In their line of work, there is a need for bright light on demand, which is exactly what Frazer-LT can provide.

Bottom Line
Packed with amazing features, the Fazer-LT Rechargeable LED Flashlight that features the CREE XM-L T6 LED is a must-have. It is also eco-friendly, making it a flashlight with a conscience. Battery and charger are included with your purchase. Full 3 Year Warranty including battery and charger, excludes abuse beyond normal wear and tear.

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