Mini B/W CCD Camera with Conical Lens

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Measures only 3/4" inch square and has 420 lines of resolution at a low .05 Lux rating. It's cone style lens enables you to conceal the camera in places otherwise not possible with the standard flat style pinhole lens.
Part Number: KPC-S20
420 lines of resolution for a camera with tiny size of only ¾” inch square and low LUX (0.05) rating.
This is a very nice camera at an affordable rate. You can conceal camera in places with the luxury of cone style lens which is otherwise almost impossible with typical flat style pinhole lens. Cone style also allows you to drill small hole in the wall, mount in convex or concave. The camera comes with mounting bracket, 12 VDC power supply and power leads.
  • 420 TVL Resolution

  • 1/3" CCD(.05) Lux

  • 3.7mm Pinhole Lens - conical

  • Field of View: 90 Degree

  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC

  • Size: 22mm x 22mm

  • Power Consumption: <90ma

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Auto Electronic Shutter

  • Auto Gain

  • 1/60 to 1,100,00 Second Shutter

  • True CCD Quality Image

  • Tough Metal Enclosure

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