Wall Clock DVR Hidden Camera
Wall Clock DVR Hidden Camera

Wall Clock DVR Hidden Camera

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This advanced DVR Wall Clock is loaded with features such as motion detection and pre-record, high definition 1280 x 720 video resolution, AC power adapter for continuous recording (no need to charge batteries)
Part Number: DVR-CSC
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This advanced DVR Wall Clock is loaded with features and looks just like a large functioning wall clock so it will blend in anywhere in your home or business. It records video in high definition 1280 x 720 resolution to the micro SD card (not included). The functioning wall clock will require one AA battery to maintain the current time. Unlike many other covert clocks this one is powered by an AC power adapter so there is no need to re-charge a battery. When the SD card is full the overwrite feature records over the oldest data first so continuous recording is not a problem.

The DVR Clock Camera also has motion detection recording with 3 second pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. This allows the camera to record the 3 seconds before the motion is tripped and 3 seconds after the motion stops so you won't miss anything. The DVR Clock comes with the built-in DVR, a remote control, AV cables (for viewing the picture directly on a TV or recording to a VCR or DVR), USB cable (for downloading video on your computer), and mounting hardware.

  • Records 1280 x 720 color video and audio
  • Power adapter for continuous use
  • AV and USB cables for easy playback
  • Remote control operation
  • Motion detection with pre and post alarm


  • 1 DVR Wall Clock
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Power adapter
  • 1 Audio, Video cable
  • 1 USB Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • AC power adapter with 6 foot cord
  • Size: 14 inches in diameter
  • Storage: Supports up to 32GB Micro SD cards (card not included)
  • Storage Consumption: ~ approx. 1GB consumed every 30 minutes of recording


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