2.4 GHz Eight Channel 2 Watt A/V Transmitter and Receiver

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Offering 8 Channels A/V total with 4 channels Interference Free from standard 2.4 GHz equipment. One mile line of sight range with included omni directional antennas.
Part Number: KW7305
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The KW7305 has been upgraded to a 2.5 Watt weatherproof transmitter and receiver set. Click here for more information

Long Distance Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver

High power video and audio transmitter can send signals up to 1 mile with line of sight using just the omni-directional antennas included. Solid video signals with excellent video quality and stereo audio. The transmitters built-in cooling fan prevents overheating issues and allows for 24/7 operation.

  The KW7305 has 8 selectable channels total with 4 channels being interference free from standard 2.4 GHz equipment such as wireless routers, microwave ovens and cordless phones. One receiver can view any one of the 8 video channels but to see multiple video channels at the same time will require individual transmitter and receiver sets.

  The transmitter inputs are standard RCA connections for use with any composite video signals such as our security cameras, DVD players, TVs etc. however for use with most of our cameras you will need a RCA to BNC adapter, other video adapters if needed can be found here.

Non line of sight ranges are difficult to predict but using the KW7305 within a wood and drywall house construction 600 to 1000 feet is should be possible. Longer distances or penetrating metal and concrete which can reduce signal strength the most and may require the use of high gain directional antennas.

Transmitter and Receiver Specifications:

Channel Frequency: CH1-2414, CH2-2432, CH3-2450, CH4-2468, CH5-2370, CH6-2390, CH7-2490, CH8-2510 MHz
Power Supply: AC to DC 12 Volt 2A
Power Output:
2 Watts
Dimensions: 4" (L) x 3" (D) x 1-5/16" (H)
Video Input: 1V p-p 75 Ohms Composite
Audio Input: 600 Ohms, 1V p-p
Modulation Type: FM
Audio: Right and Left inputs
Omni-directional 5dBi

Power Supply: AC to DC 12 Volt 1A
Channel Frequencies: CH1-2414, CH2-2432, CH3-2450, CH4-2468, CH5-2370, CH6-2390, CH7-2490, CH8-2510 MHz
3-1/4" (L) x 2-1/2" (D) x 1" (H)
Antenna: Omni-directional 5dBi
Video Output: 50Hz - 5.5MHz, 1V p-p
Audio Output: Right and Left channels 1V p-p 50Hz - 20KHz

Purchase Includes:

  • One Eight Channel Transmitter
  • One Matched Eight Channel Receiver
  • One 12 Volt 1A Power Supply for Receiver
  • One 12 Volt 2A Power Supply for Transmitter
  • RCA A/V cables
  • Two Dipole Omni-directional Antennas
  • 1 Year Warranty
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