200mW 2.4 GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set
200mW 2.4 GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set

200mW 2.4 GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set

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Wireless Transmitter and Receiver up to 700' Range with included antennas or 1500' with high gain antenna
Part Number: PD24-200
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2.4 GHz 8 channel wireless transmitter can send audio and video images up to 700 feet line of sight distance. The 8 separate channels allow for multiple wireless signals to function within one location. With the use of high gain antennas wireless distances of 1500 feet or more can be easily attained.
  • Works with standard security cameras or other composite video signals, will not work with HD signals such as 720p or 1080p equipment
  • Small enough to be used for FPV transmission or to turn household objects into wire covert cameras
  • 8 separate channels for reduced interference
Multiple Frequency Channel Receiver
Push button control on the receiver makes it easy to switch between any of the 8 channels. Please Note: the receiver can display any one of the 8 channels but cannot output multiple channels at the same time.

2.4 GHz
Range: With the omni-directional antennas included 500 to 700 feet line of sight can be expected. Further line of sight distance requires using higher gain directional antennas (not included). Signals can penetrate walls and other obstructions but the signal distance will be significantly reduced.

1-14 inches x 1 inch x 5/16 inch
Input Source: Connect any composite video signal (audio and video connections are RCA male, if using BNC video connections you will need a BNC/RCA adapter)
Power Required: DC 12 volts
Channels: 8 separate channels
Output Power: 200mW
Transmitter Usage Current: 150mA

Receiver: 4-1/2 inches x 3 inches x 3/4 inch
Output: Female RCA audio and video connections (if a different output connection is needed please see our connectors and adapters.
Receiver Usage Current: 250mA
Channels: 12 separate channels total- 8 matching transmitter channels

Purchases Consists of:
1- Transmitter and A/V connection cable
1- Matching Multiple Channel Receiver
1- 12VDC Power Supply for Receiver
1- 12VDC Power Supply for Transmitter
2- Omni-Directional Dipole Antennas
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