Wireless Home Security System by HomeSafe®

Wireless Home Security System by HomeSafe®

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Home invasions are unfortunately on the rise and so is the need for intrusion detection. The  Wireless Home Security System by HomeSafe® is an affordable alternative to expensive month to month services. This easy to install and operate security system is expandable and comes with a wireless motion sensor and wireless door or window sensor. Whenever the main unit is set at ARMED, the wireless motion detector sensor or wireless door/window sensor will alert you if any movement or entry.

If movement or open door/window is detected the sensor sounds an alarm and signals the base unit to call the first of up to 5 programmed phones numbers. The person that answers will have the option to listen-in, broadcast voice over the built-in base unit speaker or disarm the system. System can also be set to chime mode to alert of entry, great for stores or shops to let you know a customer has entered.

  • 16 Digit large number display with date/time and function icon
  • 9 zone icon for easy differentiating intruder location
  • Room monitor and broadcast by telephone function
  • Remote turn system to ARM or DISARM by telephone function
  • Programmable security code, entry delay timing
  • 5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each)
  • Programmable auto dialing cycle
  • 5 Trigger recorder with zone indication for alarm mode
  • Built-in 20 seconds Voice REC./Play back IC for help message
  • Built-in flash memory to protect system data for power failure
  • Battery Low indicator
  • DTMF (Tone) dialing only
  • AC adaptor operated (included) with 9V battery back-up (not included)
  • Built-in 105 dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)
  • Compatible with up to 16 additional wireless motion detector sensors or wireless window/door sensors or 8 wireless
    remote control and wireless control AC socket or wired sensor to expand the system

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