Covert DVR Camera Smoke Detector
Covert DVR Camera Smoke Detector

Covert DVR Camera Smoke Detector

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Looks like an ordinary smoke detector, no one will know it contains a high resolution Sony CCD sensor camera and SD recorder.
Part Number: SDDVR35-H
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Working Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera, Audio and DVR

A high resolution Sony CCD low light sensor camera camouflaged within an ordinary smoke detector in such a way that no one would ever imagine it contains a hidden camera. Recorded images are stored on a 4 GB micro SD card which is included with the package. A handy set up menu allows you to adjust the video quality and recording rate, motion detection or schedule recording along with time and date display. Recorded or live video can be viewed by running a video cable to a TV or monitor or simply install and record images to the SD card for later viewing. Removing the SD card from the unit also allows a computer with an SD card reader to playback or backup the videos.


  • Working Smoke Detector with Camera

  • Mpeg 4 Video Compression

  • Memory Full Stop or Overwrite Function

  • Motion Activated Recording

  • Supports up to 32G SD Card

  • Records Audio and Video

  • 640x480 (up to 12FPS), 320x240 (up to 30FPS)

  • Time and Date stamp

  • Remote Control

  • Downward angle allows good view of room below

  • 4GB SD Card Included

  • 12 Volts DC 400mA



Image Sensor: Sony 1/3" Color CCD
Integrated Lens: 3.7mm F 2.0 fixed focus
Field of View: 80°
Picture: Color
Resolution: 540 TVL Horizontal
Power Consumption: 400 mA
Min. Illumination: 0.001 Lux
Dimensions: 5-1/2" D x 1-1/2" H
Record Time: about 7 hours continuous 640x480 resolution using 4GB SD card. Using motion detection will extend use time.

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