Jolt J.A.C.K 77,000,000 Stun Gun - Pink
Jolt J.A.C.K 77,000,000 Stun Gun - Pink

Jolt J.A.C.K 77,000,000 Stun Gun - Pink

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Small enough for keychain attachment but with all the power of larger stun guns. Comes with USB charging cord and LED Light.
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If you're looking for an extremely small stun gun that's easy to grip and delivers amazing shocking power the Jolt JACK (Jolt Attacker Compact Keychain) is the one. Measuring only 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches it fit easily in a pocket or attach it to your keychain making it quick to find and use if needed. It also comes with a convenient LED flashlight and battery power indicator lights so you'll always know when you have a full charge.


  • All the Power in Half the Size: Although the J.A.C.K. is about half the size of a normal stun gun, it has more power than most models on the market today. Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker.
  • Keychain Attachment: Don't get caught wondering where your stun gun is when you need it. Make it simple, have your keys and you'll have the stun gun even if you just need the convenient LED flashlight.
  • Easy to Conceal: Easily slips into your pocket or can be concealed in the palm of your hand.
  • Simple USB Charging: The included USB cord plugs into the bottom of the unit. The other end can go into a USB port on a computer or a block charger (not included).  Complete charging instructions enclosed.
  • Battery Level Indicator: Ensures you have a full charge before heading out the door
  • LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.
  • Holster Included: Although this model is slim enough to carry in your pocket or purse, a stylish holster with a belt clip is included.
  • Safety Switch: To prevent accidental discharge, two levels of safety have been built-in. The safety switch must be in the ON position and the stun activation button must be pressed before the stun gun will operate.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The J.A.C.K 77,000,000 Stun Gun is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase Includes:

  • J.A.C.K 77,000,000* Stun Gun - Pink
  • USB charging cord
  • Built-in key chain
  • Holster
  • Instructions

*Actual Voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 77,000,000 or more volts.

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