Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Motion Detector

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Part Number:HS4340

  The Wireless Motion Detector with remote can be used as a portable alarm or be wall mounted. It can detect motion over an area of 30 feet by 110 degrees. The unit has a 45 second exit delay and a 10-15 second entry delay. This alarm is activated by the PIR sensor. The unit also uses magnetic sensors with 6 feet of wire to detect the opening of a protected door or window. The HS4340D also has a low battery indicator. The alarm is 120 dB; the chime is 85 dB. This alarm measures 4 1/2" x 3" x 1 3/4". The unit's power supply is 3 AA batteries which are not included. Also, a 7.5-15 volt adapter can be used (not included). The remote takes 2-1.5 volt batteries (SR44 or 357A) which are included. This alarm comes with 1 remote.

  • Adjustable Sensor Head provides 110° coverage within 180° area, up to 30 feet away.
  • Choose Chime to announce visitors or 120 dB Alarm to sound if intruders enter.
  • Remote control on/off, operates from up to 25 feet away.
  • Up to 15 second entry and 45 second exit delay.
  • Magnetic sensors connect to widows or doors.
  • Alarm time is continuous while motion is detected; 1 minute after no motion is detected.

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