This weatherproof wireless security camera system with audio can be setup in minutes. Just mount the cameras where you want, and plug in the power. Cameras provide color images during the day and switch to B/W at night. The best feature of this set is you have 3 ways to view the images and can even record them on your computer or laptop.

1. Plug in the cable from the receiver to your TV inputs. Plug in the power supply to the receiver and push the AUTO button. The receiver will scan through the cameras with 3 seconds on each one. You can also push the channel button of any camera to go right there.

2. Another great feature of this wireless camera system is the receiver has a separate audio and video output for each channel. That means you could run the output of each channel into a DVR or quad processor for simultaneous viewing and recording. Most wireless systems would require a separate receiver for each channel.

3. This set also comes with a USB connection on the receiver that can be plugged into a computer or laptop. This can turn your computer into a complete digital video recorder. Just install the included software on the computer and you will be able to view and record all the cameras at the same time. And unlike most wireless quad receivers this one records each channel separately in full size not just a quad image. It has all the functions of a standard DVR such as motion, schedule or manual recording, search and playback. Remote viewing and playback is also possible through Internet Explorer by enabling the web camera service in the SuperDVR software.

The Night Vision wireless cameras have 30 infrared LED’s for 35 to 40 feet illumination in complete darkness. If further illumination is required you can use additional IR illuminators or provide more ambient light. The LED's turn on automatically when the light gets too low and shuts off automatically when their is plenty of light for the camera. The Cameras come with a pan/tilt mount that can be simply set in place or securely mounted in a permanent location.

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  • CMOS Color Omniview Sensor 380 lines resolution with audio
  • 300 to 450 Foot Line Of Sight Range - Range through walls will be less, expect 80 to 150 feet depending on type. Concrete and metal will adversely affect range the most.
  • Operating frequencies: 2.414GHz, 2.432GHz, 2.450GHz, 2.468GHz
  • 60 Degrees Field of View
  • 30 LED's for 35 to 40 feet illumination
  • Auto Channel Switch
  • DVR Software included (Compatible with Windows 2000(SP4 above)/2003(SP1 above)/XP(SP2 above)/Windows Vista (not compatible with Vista 64 bit operating system)
  • Record in 320x240 or 640x480 resolution (Maximum recording rate is 30 frames per second and is adjustable on each channel.)
  • Operating Voltage 12VDC
  • Includes all cords and power supplies