There are many things to consider for personal safety and protection. One inexpensive option may be a stun gun. There are several reasons to consider them.

Self-defense: In many cases, you will repel an attacker with electric shock. Properly used, a stun gun can render an attacker, incapacitated for a while. Stun guns come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. A stun gun releases an effective electric shock, when you touch the victim.

Safety features: Non-lethal weapons offer a safe alternative to weapons like firearms and knives. They are not meant to kill. They use high voltage electricity that does not injure. This is useful, in case a weapon gets into the wrong hands. You would not want an innocent person to be seriously injured.

Weapons of convenience: It is easier to obtain a stun gun, than more lethal weapons like firearms. You will not have to wait days until you receive one. There is no specialized certification or training required. They are legal to carry in many states. You get several uses without recharging. This can be important if you face a situation where you may need to employ it several times. To recharge them, you may only need to plug them into an electrical receptacle. Others may require common, easy to find, batteries. To use these weapons, you point and discharge. Some weapons like sprays, require you to target the eyes or nose. A stun gun gives you a greater chance of using it, in a short amount of time.

Stopping power: You may bring an attacker down suddenly with a shock. This will depend on the length of the shock. It also depends on the amount of voltage applied. You may have as long as fifteen minutes to escape danger, in some cases. A short shock may cause someone to become disoriented. They may also become confused. This can give you time to get away.

Different types

Stronger voltage: Stronger voltage can mean more stopping power. Maybe you want more protection. You might face someone that has a jacket or winter clothing on. You will have a better chance of penetrating with more voltage.

Guns that resemble cell phones: It looks exactly like a normal cell phone. When someone tries to attack you, they will be in for a shock. Suppose someone is seeking to do harm to you. They will not be expecting your cell phone to hurt them. This can give you a decided advantage. Some of the cell phone guns also have flashlights.

Guns with light: You can buy a stun gun that is also a flashlight. This gives you a multipurpose tool to carry with you. You can get flashlight guns that are small enough to conceal in your hand. Some are very big and cast a strong beam of light. You can also find flashlight guns that have a personal alarm. This lends added safety to the weapon.

In closing

Stun guns are an inexpensive method of self-defense. You can use non-lethal force to repel an attacker. They can also disable someone long enough for escape to safety. You can get them with alarms and flashlights also. You do not need a permit in many states.