UHC Two Tone Action Slide Gas Gun
UHC Two Tone Action Slide Gas Gun

UHC Two Tone Action Slide Gas Gun

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This popular replica gives you outstanding accuracy, power and reliability. The slide is only cocked once after you load the magazine and does not blowback after each shot. This gas saving design has fewer parts to malfunction and without having to blowback the slide it delivers maximum power to the bb. So if your looking for a highly dependable, accurate and affordable airsoft gun look no further.
Propellant: Green Gas semi-automatic
Puts backspin on a bb allowing straighter shots at longer distance.
Caliber: 6mm plastic bb's (.2g or .25g bb's highly recommended)
Grip: Textured molded ABS
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Safety: Lever on frame
Muzzle Velocity: 300 fps
Shooting Range: Effective: 70 ft. Maximum: 160 ft.
Dimensions: 7-3/4" long  5-1/4" tall
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