Super 9 Sniper Rifle
Super 9 Sniper Rifle

Super 9 Sniper Rifle

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SUPER 9 This item ships ground rate for standard shipping cost. If faster shipping method is desired (Due to oversize) Please call for rates in your area. SUPER 9 bolt action rifle with Hop Up system. Shell Ejection. 10 shells included. Black. Bolt action rifles have earned themselves a proper place in the small arms community as being simple, lightweight, accurate, and flexible shooting system. Far to many to mention; bolt action manufacturers span the globe yet share the same basic design principal of the straight pulling bolt body, stock and barrel. Following the same basic design criteria, the historical bolt action gun is available in Airsoft. In the relative form of all bolt actions, the Super 9 follows suit. The bolt body is of metal construct containing the large piston & cylinder assembly and is polished in a stainless finish. Like a true bolt action gun, the bolt locks and unlocks via an operating lever on the right side. the entire bolt rides inside a partially open receiver, exposing part of the bolt body. Either a realistic 5-round rotary internal magazine or a 30-round side mounted magazine can feed 6 millimeter BB's into the chamber. When using the rotary magazine, shell casings eject when operating the bolt rearward very much like any real bolt gun, which adds to its functional realism. The long barrel spans almost two foot in length so the BB benefits from the full air pressure generated by the large cylinder. Atop the barrel is a hooded front sight aligned with a fully adjustable rear sight mounted above the receiver. The full stock is made of plastic and is light in weight. Comfortable to the shoulder, a cheek piece is molded on the left side and real rubber recoil pad is in place at the rear for a true non slip grip to the shoulder. Combining all these very effective elements together creates a comfortable, powerful, and accurate single-shot Airsoft bolt rifle. Over time, the bolt action rifle is a tried & true concept that still remains to this day along side contemporary semi-autos. In terms of a single shot accuracy, nothing can really out shoot a bolt-action in real steel, or in Airsoft. UHC's Super 9 is the most accurate gun in the entire selection, proof positive when a single shot is all that is needed. Perfect for the Airsoft sniper! FEATURES: Hop up system, Adjustable sites, Rubberized butt stock, steel sling clips. 100 rounds heavy weight .20g bb's and cleaning tools. ACTION: Spring air CAPACITY: 5-30 rounds VELOCITY: 410 f.p.s. with .12g bb's - 350f.p.s. with .2g bb's WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs. SIZE: 48" X 8" Warranty, retail: 129.99
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