Sony Exview Bullet Camera
Sony Exview Bullet Camera

Sony Exview Bullet Camera

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Pro Series Bullet Camera
Sony Exview B/W 1/3" CCD sensor. Displaying 420 lines @ a stunning (.0003) LUX!!
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From security personnel point of view a camera with smaller size along with night vision capability without switching to infrared is always a plus. These are the features this camera consists of. In addition the camera features Sony’s latest technology commonly known as Sony Exview 1/3” CCD sensor. It has a low LUX rating of .0003 with 420 lines of resolution.

• The camera comes with a removable sunshield and rated for all weather use.
• Wide 92 degree field of view with 3.6mm lens.
• 12 volts DC operation
• Size: 3" (L) X 3/4" (D)

Ships with pan and tilt mounting bracket, 18" BNC video and power leads, choice of lens size and DC power adapter.
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