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Pen Pepper Spray
This innovative and very popular pepper spray model provides a discrete way to carry a defense spray. Excellent for the professional in the public arena.
Part Number: PEN-14
Out of Stock
Pocket Key Case Pepper Spray .54oz
This traditional favorite provides a handsome colored key case and key ring attachment. Available colors: Black, Blue, Red. 
Part Number: SPKC-14
$8.99 $7.89 Sale
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Hard Case Key Ring Pepper Spray
This new age Sabre pepper spray model allows for easier access to the firing mechanism and a special quick release key ring. This model also features a belt clip. Available colors: Black, Blue, Red
Part Number: HC-14
$9.99 $6.29 Sale
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Jogger Model Pepper Spray
This Sabre Jogger Pepper Spray model features an adjustable snug fit, hand strap that allows for protection while walking, running and rollerblading .79 oz
Part Number: P-22j
$10.88 $7.88 Sale
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Sabre Home Unit 2.5 oz Pepper Spray
Home Unit now with glow in the dark actuator. The home unit comes with a Wall Mount Clip and allows for individual or family protection. Placed near home entrances and bedsides, the home unit provides day and night indoor protection.
Part Number: HM-80
$11.88 $7.29 Sale
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Sabre Cyclist Model Pepper Spray
Attaches to the bicycle's frame and the Velcro attachment tears away for immediate access.
Part Number: CY-35
$11.88 $9.88 Sale
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Police Magnum 4.4 oz Pepper Spray
This 4.4 oz professional model Sabre Pepper Spray unit provides a full cone mist spray pattern. This is ideal for inside use, and allows users to hit multiple attackers.
Part Number: M-120L
$14.88 $9.88 Sale
Out of Stock
Flip Top Magnum 4.4 oz Pepper Spray
This professional Sabre Pepper Spray model highlights the extremely quick firing flip top and a ballistic stream to prevent injury from being down wind. Excellent option for outside security.
Part Number: M-120FT
$18.95 $12.88 Sale
Out of Stock