Small Panning Bracket for Camera or Housing
Small Panning Bracket for Camera or Housing

Small Panning Bracket for Camera or Housing

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Camera or small housing bracket that provides controllable 255° left to right panning, 8 presets and 1 programmable tour. Give some movement to your fixed camera with this RS-485 controlled panning device.
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The PTB-001 is a small panning bracket with remote RS-485 control. Give your fixed camera the ability to pan up to 255°, set left and right limits, 1 home position, set 8 preset positions and 1 auto tour. The bracket can also be manually tilted 60° downward and 30° upward.

Configurations such as home position, scan tour and presets will not be lost if power fails. If device was running a scan it will resume the scan when power is restored. Rotating speed can be set to 10°/sec, 18°/sec or 25°/sec.

Controllable with any Pelco-D 2400 baud rate device including most digital video recorders. IP66 construction applicable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Completely independent intellectual property.
  • 255° Horizontal rotation. Left and Right stop positions can be freely set.
  • Built-in Intelligent decoder, intelligent preset position, intelligent scan function.
  • Can set 1 home position and 8 preset positions
  • Rotating speed is adjustable, 10°/ 18°/ 25° per second.
  • Load Capacity: 1kg (2.2lbs)
  • DC 12V Input power, RS-485 control cable.
  • Customized high quality and durable motor with stable smooth operation
  • Only 170mm length (6-3/4"), easy to install
  • Waterproof design, dust-proof and high temperature resistance, industrial level ABS material.
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