You are the king of your castle, but O King, do you really know what happens when you are gone. Like any other royalty, you should have some security. After all you do not want someone stealing the crown jewels. Okay, lets face it, you just do not want people messing with your stuff. Here is a way to check out what happens when you are gone: mini security cameras.

Mini security cameras are very small about one inch or less square. They can be battery operated for short periods of time or run from a power adapter continuously. Recording can be done with a VCR, Digital Video Recorder or DVD recorder. These cameras are so small that no one will even know what you are doing.

You should be able to find several places to hide one of these cameras in your home. Try any dark corner where you can aim the camera at the front door. Before you leave for the evening, turn on the recording device and you have a record of any unauthorized entries into your home. What a great way to know what your teens are up to when you are gone. If you have younger children use the camera for spot checks to make sure the sitter is doing her job.

Mount several of the mini cameras in dry locations outside to increase the security of your home's perimeter. There is no need to go outside to check out strange noises when you can remain safely in your home and see everything that is going on from your TV or computer if equipped with a video capture card. Any suspicious activity and you can safely call 911. The recording can be used to identify any perpetrators.

Another option for exterior surveillance are mini bullet cameras which are weatherproof and don't require any housing. They are bout 2" to 3" long and about 3/4" in diameter, making them very inconspicuous. With the ability to choose larger lens sizes bullet cameras can offer better detail when you need to monitor an area over 30 feet away. Most mini security cameras with pinhole lenses are designed for a wide field of view which is good for detail up to about 25 to 30 feet. Further than that you will probably need a camera with a 6mm or 8mm lens to get better detail.

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to mini security cameras. There small size and excellent image quality make them ideal for where discrete or covert observation is needed. They can be of great help in discovering what goes bump in the night, how loved ones are treated or just keeping an eye on kids playing in the backyard.

The safety provided by mini security cameras is worth more than most insurance and can also give you some peace of mind in return.