HA-210 Sub Machine Gun
HA-210 Sub Machine Gun

HA-210 Sub Machine Gun

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This HFC replica cocks by either pump action with the fore grip or bolt on the barrel. Comes with carrying sling, 200 red .2g bb's and cleaning rod.
Retractable metal stock
Material: ABS Plastic and metal
Propellant: Spring piston - must be cocked for each shot
Caliber: 6mm plastic bb's .2g recommended
Magazine Capacity: 40 rounds
Safety: Lever on frame
Muzzle Velocity: 305 fps
Shooting Range: Effective: 80 ft. Maximum: 160 ft. 
Dimensions: 20" Long, 26" Long with stock extended, 8-1/2" Tall
Weight: 4 lbs.
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