M5SD5 Electric Airsoft Gun
M5SD5 Electric Airsoft Gun

M5SD5 Electric Airsoft Gun

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Part Number: M5SD5-E

This new version electric airsoft gun has metals gears not just a metal gear box. Many China AEG's will have a metal gear box but contain plastic gears which can wear out quickly when trying to produce speeds in the 300 fps range. Has a fixed stock, mock silencer, and selector switch for full-auto, semi-auto and safety modes. Comes with rechargeable 8.4V NiCad battery pack and charger.

Action: Semi-Auto and Full-Auto
Caliber: 6mm - .12g plastic bb's
Magazine Capacity: 50 rounds
Rate of Fire: 500 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity: 330 fps .12g bb's; 280 fps .2g bb's

Made in China: Golden Bow
Dimensions: 29" L x 8-3/4" H
Body Material:
Gun Weight: 4 lbs. Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.

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