HFC 008R Airsoft Gun
HFC 008R Airsoft Gun

HFC 008R Airsoft Gun

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This popular HFC airsoft gun features a retractable metal stock, detachable silencer/extension and a 25 round clip. Fires bb's over 300 fps with easy slide cocking and compact size. With stock closed and silencer removed the 008R measures only 10 1/4" long, fully extended with silencer attached it measures 27 1/4" long.
Retractable metal stock - Detachable threaded silencer
Material: ABS Plastic and metal
Propellant: Spring piston - must be cocked for each shot
Caliber: 6mm plastic bb's or Paintballs
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds
Safety: Lever on frame
Muzzle Velocity: over 300 fps
Weight: 3 lbs.
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