Homes were once our bastions of safety, while so much of our experience is tainted by the fear or threat of crime we could always expect to be okay once we came home. This is no longer a reasonable assumption no matter where your house is located. With so many families having to work two jobs, a security DVR is one way we can monitor our domicile even while we are at work.

It really is a shame that our society has devolved to such an extent that criminals feel bold enough to strike at where we live. It is a symptom of the enduring global economic malaise that grips almost of civilized countries. Not only are there so many more people who have lost their jobs and find themselves in desperate conditions, but governments are feeling the budget pinch as well.

When municipalities experience a downturn in economic activity, it follows that their revenue, tied to sales, also reflects a concomitant decline. Unlike national level economics, municipalities must live within their means, so something has to go. The initial iteration can usually be weathered through sacrifice and austerity programs, but when it happens repeatedly there is no fluff left to trim.

The government finds itself needing to reduce programs that are in fact vital to the community. Whether for political expedience as an effort to encourage the population to vote for increased taxes or due to simple financial analysis, one answer is to reduce the police force. As this answer plays out across the nation, homeowners must take action to protect their own places.

Assembling a system of security cameras to cover the exterior of your home and the prominent interior areas can be a very productive effort. The expense of setting up a security DVR system has decreased rapidly with the advent of wireless local area networks. This obviates the need for a lot of wiring throughout and greatly expands the location suitable for the security cameras.

You can get as expensive as you like, there are expensive professional cameras with pan tilt zoom operation with infrared and thermal imaging capacities. For a home system, however, a reasonably good focus with a rudimentary wide angle will suffice. It can even be back and white, because at night the color function is minimal without external lighting.

The key is to cover all the places on the exterior of the home that could function as an entrance. It is best to have the kind that have a low light capability, and with overlap when possible to try to capture a facial image. The debate over whether they should be visible or not has sound arguments for both sides, but if they are located up high, then letting them be seen helps deter crime.

Security cameras are a deterrent in as much as they can make someone think twice if they know they are installed, since they have no way of knowing whether they are being monitored live. Even if that does not work, they can alert you to the fact that someone is approaching or breaching your residence, allowing you to call for help. Further, a security DVR will be a great help for police investigators when they do arrive.