Flashlight Stun Gun
Flashlight Stun Gun

Flashlight Stun Gun

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A flashlight with real knock-down power! Packing 300,000 volts this flashlight is a formidable weapon. The unit has two front probes and a series of side probes along the flashlight head. The lens cover covers the stun probes so you won’t accidentally shock yourself and the wrist strap plugs into the back of the unit to activate the stun gun. If your attacker somehow manages to grab the unit from you, the plug will pop out and disable the unit. Measures 8 inches long.

  • Lens Cover 

  • Vinyl Carrying Case

  • Rechargeable Battery and Charger

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10,000,000 Volt Rechargeable Stun/Alarm Flashlight
This strong beam flashlight is a great item for police, security, or just self defense
Part Number: FLLG
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Zaplight Flashlight Stun Gun
The Zaplight takes the Flashlight Stun Gun to a higher level. Combines a bright 6 LED bulb flashlight with a stun gun that truly packs a punch with 1,000,000 volts.
Part Number: ZAPLT
Out of Stock