Field of View Calculator
The field of view or image displayed on your TV or monitor varies depending on the size of your cameras image sensor e.g.(1/4", 1/3", 1/2") and the lens size used e.g.(4mm, 6mm etc.). This calculator can help give you a better idea of the correct lens size you will need to obtain your desired field of view.

The larger the lens the more detail you can see at a particular distance but your field of view will be smaller. It is similar to looking through stronger and stronger binoculars. The 3.6mm lens is very popular since it provides good overall coverage and a wide field of view, however if your goal is to get facial details of someone at a distance greater than 20 to 25 feet away you would need a larger lens in the camera, possibly a 6mm or 8mm. So you need to decide what your viewing goal is and whether one camera will be adequate or if you need 2 or more.


  1. Select the camera sensor size you are using.

  2. Enter any 2 of the 3 other pieces of information.

  3. Press the "Calculate" button to get the missing piece of information. (Press the "Reset" button to clear the form and start over.)

Select Camera sensor: 1/4 inch
1/3 inch
1/2 inch
2/3 inch
1 inch

Enter distance to object (in feet): 1

Enter width of picture (in feet):or
Enter height of picture (in feet):
Enter size of lens (in millimeters): 3