Solar Powered Fake IR Camera with Strobe Light

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Solar powered 7 inch IR dummy camera comes in a durable outdoor housing with blinking LED light and motion activated strobe light.
Part Number: DC7MSSP

This dummy camera is highly capable of saving energy with its included rechargeable batteries that are powered by the sun and gives power to the Strobe light. Also if this camera is used indoors then it can be powered by 3 standard AA batteries which are not included.

This sensible looking video camera discourages burglars just with its realistic appearance, then if they get within 10 to 15 feet of the cam it will activate the flashing strobe light to alarm and prevent more action.

This dummy camera is similar to the real one because it has a real casing. These casings are actual casings of real surveillance cameras which lack the costly electronics inside while giving security at a lower cost.
An authentic video cable is included with the camera. There is a fully adaptable installation bracket to set up the camera quickly and simply using the stainless steel mounting screws.


  • Rain Cover so the video camera can be made use of anywhere
  • Flashing strobe is solar powered (no extra batteries needed when outdoors)
  • The measurements (consisting of the rain guard and bracket) are 10" x 6" x 7"
  • Installs simply and quickly


  • 7" Fake Outdoor Camera with Solar Powered Motion Strobe Light
  • Swivel Plastic Installation Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Installation Screws
  • Realistic Video Cable
  • 3 rechargeable AA batteries (indoor application needs 3 standard AA batteries, not included)

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