4 Channel Full 960H Security DVR

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The 960H-DVR4 is a professional level video recorder capable of high resolution 960H recording on every channel and packed with upgrades and features not found with most digital video recorders. Features include lock and unlock video files to prevent erasure, assign hard drive recording space on a per camera basis and much more.
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The 960H-DVR4 is a Professional Level Security DVR at a very affordable price. Offers 4 Channels of real time recording in full 960H/WD1 resolution on every channel and 4 channel synchronous playback. User friendly menu, easy search, playback and backup. Excellent Networking with dual streaming, convenient Smartphone support and HDMI video output

The 960H-DVR4 is packed with upgrades and features not found with most digital video recorders. The 960H-DVR4 has a lock and unlock feature when playing back video to prevent important files from being erased and will not be overwritten. You can also assign hard drive recording space on a per camera basis, this allows cameras in areas of more interest to record for longer periods before being overwritten.

Searching and playback can be done by numerous methods including instant channel for last 5 minutes, date/time, event, channel, file tags and smart search. Smart search allows you to define an area or areas on the screen and search for any motion that occurred in those specific areas.

Backup or exporting files can be done with most USB devices such as USB flash drives, USB HDDs and USB writer. Files are coped in MP4 format and can be played in many popular media players or with the file player program automatically included along with the video files.

Complete remote network access of all DVR functions is available through web browsers on computer or laptops. Smartphone access is available using the Guarding Expert app for live viewing and playback with functions such as digital zoom, adjusting image quality, picture capture, PTZ control and alarm management.

  • Multiplexing operation - record, live, playback, backup, control, and remote access
  • H.264 video compression / decompression with configurable quality
  • Record in Full 960H(960x480) with real-time quality (30fps each)
  • Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, frame rate, bit rate, image
    quality, etc.
  • Pre-record and post-record for motion detection for recording, and pre-record time for schedule
  • Locking and unlocking record files.
  • Bi-directional audio capabilities
  • Search by time/date, event or tag with image preview
  • Free DDNS service for dynamic IP addresses
  • Streaming video for mobile phone or tablets, (IPhone, Android supported with Guarding Expert app)
  • HDD quota management; different capacity can be assigned to different channel
  • Normal and event recording parameters configurable per individual camera.
  • Supports Remote access from multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Plug-in for Mac OS 10.6 or above; supports Safari and/or Chrome for Mac.
  • RS-485 for PTZ control
  • Digital watermark
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