Our Pepper Spray last 75% longer than the competition because of the Propellant and Carriers that are used.

Most pepper spray manufacturers use gases as a propellant. Considering the fact that gases do not mix well with liquids, suppliers of chemical defense sprays that choose to use propellants such as nitrogen gas are required to fill their canisters only half full in order to leave enough space available for the propellant.

Our Propellant


Dymel 134a/P

Dymel 134a/P is a liquid propellant and mixes well with the total formula of the active ingredient. This permits users of Dymel 134a/P to fill canisters completely to the top resulting in up to 70%
more active ingredient in the same sized canister of it's competitors.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • No ozone depletion - Negligible global warming
  • Non-flammable
  • Extremely reliable
  • Increases shelf-life
  • Soluble with the active ingredients
    - This allows the last spray within each container to shoot as far and as forceful as the first.
    - We can fill our canister completely allowing them to spray longer than the competition.

Performance under fire

When chemical sprays using nitrogen are fired, the gas propellant forces the active ingredient out of the can. As the active ingredient leaves the can, the same amount of propellant expands into the area vacated by the active ingredient. The expansion of the propellant into the larger can space reduces the overall pressure. As a result, the stream force weakens as the unit is fired.

First shot as strong as the last

By virtue of the fact that Dymel 134a/P expands 180 times it's own weight, upon firing, the propellant remaining inside the canister expands. Thereby stabilizing the can at its original operating pressure. The result is that the very last shot fired is just as strong and forceful and shoots just as far as the first shot out of the can.

Carriers are the liquid chemicals used to dissolve tear gas crystals and to dilute OC solutions.


  • Causes our products to take effect immediately.

  • Soluble with active ingredients; our units do not have to be shaken.

  • Prevents our units from freezing.

  • Nonflammable

  • Is not effected by extreme temperatures - product maintains pressure.